Frequently Asked Questions
WordPress Call Now Button Plugin

You probably have a caching plugin installed that is displaying an older, cached version of your website. Delete/empty your cache to fix this.

You can find the WordPress plugin changelog here.

There are 2 ways to add a call now button to your website: by adding a line of JavaScript to your website or via the Call Now Button WordPress plugin. The WordPress plugin will be the easiest way for adding a single button and if you want to add more buttons you can create an account and add the API key to give your plugin super powers. If your website is not on WordPress you should create a (free) account on and copy a single line of JavaScript to your website. That's it.

Click-to-call is a term for hyperlinks that point to a phone number instead of an internet address. Since browsing the internet on a mobile device became possible, this type of link has gained in popularity; making it super easy for visitors do make a phone call directly from a website. The Call Now Button is exactly that, with some added styling to make it super clear and easy for any website visitor to contact a business.

Connecting to NowButtons enables our cloud services. You will have the option to create more buttons and use more actions (e.g. WhatsApp, SMS/Text, Email, Signal, Telegram, Messenger, links, directions and much more). Head over to to see everything that is included.

After you've saved the changed you made to the button it can take up to 10 minutes for those changes to be reflected in the button. The reason for this is that your changes have to be applied to the database server and our cache has to be updated with your latest version.

It's also smart to check if the toggle next to your button in the overview is set to active and that you've saved your changes.

In its simplest form, you should enter the number in the same way as somebody would enter it on their mobile phone.

However, this would eliminate non-local callers. When somebody has a foreign plan on their phone, they won’t be able to get through to you. E.g. the expat who still uses her plan from back home.

So, to be completely on the safe side you could include the country code as well so nobody will ever have any issues contacting you.

Assuming you’re starting your phone number with your country code, you should add a + sign in front of it.

There are still quite a number of countries that require a different number to dial internationally so the safest option is to use the + sign.

I haven’t come across a situation where there’s a need for this. Apart from improving the readability, a space or a dash translates into a short pause when dialling the number. There might be special cases when this is required so I recommend that you test the Call Now Button yourself so you know it’s working properly. This also ensures that you didn’t accidentally mistyped a digit.