The Phone Number

Should I use a country code?

In its simplest form, you should enter the number in the same way as somebody would enter it on their mobile phone.

However, this would eliminate non-local callers. When somebody has a foreign plan on their phone, they won’t be able to get through to you. E.g. the expat who still uses her plan from back home.

So, to be completely on the safe side you could include the country code as well so nobody will ever have any issues contacting you.

Should I add + or 00?

Assuming you’re starting your phone number with your country code, you should add a + sign in front of it.

There are still quite a number of countries that require a different number to dial internationally so the safest option is to use the + sign.

Including spaces or dashes (-)

I haven’t come across a situation where there’s a need for this. Apart from improving the readability, a space or a dash translates into a short pause when dialling the number. There might be special cases when this is required so I recommend that you test the Call Now Button yourself so you know it’s working properly. This also ensures that you didn’t accidentally mistyped a digit.