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The Call Now Button started back in 2012 as the first click-to-call plugin on WordPress. It has since grown into the most widely adopted click-to-call button on the web with over 200k active users and rated 5 stars on WordPress.

3 button types

All button types of the Call Now Button

The Buttonbar™

Maximum visibility to your most important CTAs at all times while using up minimal screen space with the highly flexible Buttonbar™.

The Multibutton™

Elegant and becoming increasingly familiar to the masses: grouping a collection of actions behind a single button with the Multibutton™.

The Single button

Your primary action visible anywhere you want it to, optionally accompanied with a clear label. That's the classic Single button.

Total control with powerful features

Business Hours

Set your business hours so visitors will only see the button when you're there to answer the phone.

Perfect placement

A different page might need a different button: full flexibility on where which button should appear.

Clear labels

Sometimes an icon just isn't enough. Add a text balloon next to your button to add more details.

Click insights

Curious to see the impact? The Google Analytics integration unveils the data.

For more than just calls

Make it easy to send you an email.
Let your customers contact with you via WhatsApp.
Direct communication with Text/SMS messages.
Be easy to find with the location button.
A URL link to direct people to your conversion page.
Anchor button for a fast scroll to the import bit.

Start the WhatsApp conversation on your website.

The WhatsApp modal for you website by Call Now Button

With a WhatsApp modal you can guide the conversation and kick it off with a personal message. When a visitor clicks on the WhatsApp button, this modal appears with your message to open the conversation.

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