Not seeing the button or my changes

Estimated time to complete: 1 minute
Requirements: The Call Now Button WordPress plugin

Not seeing your button or any changes you’ve made? You probably have a caching plugin installed that is displaying an older, cached version of your website. Delete/empty your cache to fix this.

Another explanation could be that you’ve excluded the page from showing the button. Check if the page ID was added to the Limit appearance option under Presentation settings.

How to troubleshoot why you're not seeing your changes?

Check if the button is enabled

Inside the Call Now Button plugin, check to see if the button is actually enabled. Under the Basics tab above the phone number you will find the Button status setting. Make sure this is set to Enabled.

This functionality exists to make it easy to quickly switch off the button at times you can't answer the phone, however, it can happen that it's still disabled when you expect it to be active.

Check if you might be looking at a cached page

Add a random parameter to the URL of the page where you're expecting to see something else. It doesn't matter what it is, as long as it isn't something anybody might have used or seen before.

For example: If your website url is then you could add something like this ?cnb_test=21:50. (Here I've used the current time. So the next time I want to test new changes, it's unlikely the time will be the same. )

If you are seeing your changes, it means that your website is being cached and you'll need to empty your cache.