WordPress Plugin Changelog

Call Now Button


  • New templates added for Starter (free) plan
  • UI improvements in templates overview
  • Fix for aria-label for buttons with custom label
  • Ready for WordPress 6.4


  • Improved button type selector
  • UI improvements
  • Fix for manual activation with API key
  • Ready for WordPress 6.3

1.4.0 ✨

  • 🎨 Introducing templates: quickly build complex button combinations with minimal input.
  • 🌼 New button type: the Button Flower (single button expands in playful set of buttons resembling a flower)
  • 🤙 Improvements for better phone input when using Viber and Signal
  • ⚙️ Small improvements


  • New button type: Button Dots (create button rows)
  • Compatibile with WordPress 6.2
  • Small improvements


  • Performance improvements
  • Small fixes


  • Fix for full width display setting
  • Fix for php8 warning


  • Fixed a small issue that was introduced in 1.3.5


  • Desktop support
  • New social chat channels: Zalo, Line, WeChat, Viber and Skype (NowButtons)
  • Facebook Chat widget integration (NowButtons Pro)
  • Minor bugfixes
  • New screenshots


  • Support content added
  • Performance improvements
  • UI improvements
  • Minor bugfixes
  • New screenshots


  • Minor bugfixes and UI improvements


  • [Multibutton] Icon picker for main button
  • [Multibutton] Custom image selector for main button
  • [Multibutton] Add label to main button
  • Content Windows have Slim option
  • Introduced PRO accounts
  • Black friday & Cyber monday promotions
  • Support links point to nowbuttons.com
  • Small UI changes
  • Some UI improvements.


  • Monthly plan was linking to annual plan 🤦
  • Some UI improvements.

1.3.0 ✨

  • Cloud becomes NowButtons
  • Introducing new pricing plans and 14 day free trial period
  • UI improvements
  • Buttonbar has improved styling on desktop screens
  • Small button animations for desktop screens


  • UI improvements


  • Bug fixes
  • Small UI improvements

1.2.0 ✨

  • 🆕 Iframes. You can now embed other web pages. ☁️
    Clicking the button fires a pop-up window to slide into the screen. Some interesting use cases are appointment schedulers (e.g. Calendly) and table booking services (e.g. OpenTable).
  • 🆕 Integration with Tally. ☁️
    Tally is a new form builder that we use for our business. We now support an easy way to embed their forms inside our pop-up window.
  • 🆕 Integration with Intercom.☁️
    A simple integration that allow you to fire the Intercom chat window with our button. That means similar size buttons or making the Intercom button part of the Buttonbar and Multibutton. Nice and tidy!
  • 🆕 Custom button images. (PRO)
    Instead of an icon you can now upload your own image to the button. Anything from photos to illustrations or even animated gifs. Get creative!
  • Added an onboarding guide for new Cloud signups. ☁️
  • Fix for WordPress 4.9
    We're now fully compatible again with WordPress versions 3.9 and higher).
  • A bunch of UI improvements.


  • New buttons are active by default ☁️
  • New buttons are active visible on all screens by default ☁️
  • The apikey folder was changed to api-key for Upress customers
    Upress does a nightly scan and deletes folders with specific names. That broke the entire website of NowButtons users on Upress.
  • Deeper intergration with Stripe Checkout and no longer requiring profile info before upgrading.


  • A small bug fix as the update notification bar was undismissable for some users


  • Added a welcome page for new installations
  • UI improvements for Lite
  • Bugfixes


  • Introduced the geo targeting condition. This PRO feature allows you to target a button to a specfic country.
  • Reveal after scrolling is another new PRO feature which allows you to set the height at which a button should pop into the screen. An example usecase would be the "Back to top" button which doesn't have to be visible when you're already at the top to the page.
  • Small fixes/improvements


  • Introduced exit surveys for switching off Premium and deactivating the plugin
  • Error & usage reporting setting so we can better assist ith support issues and learn about the plugin usage. This is switched off by default and needs to be actively enabled for data to be shared. All data is anonymized.
  • Added an Email toggle for product updates (Premium)
  • Small fixes/improvements


  • Added missing media query for the added body padding when using the Full Width button.


  • Fix for websites using WP Rocket LazyLoad
    The phone icon would be removed by the WP Rocket LazyLoad feature. The phone icon is now excluded from WP Rock LazyLoad.


  • Improved WP Rocket cache handling
    When saving changes the page cache automatically gets flushed so changes are directly visible.
  • Improved WP Super Cache handling
    When saving changes the page cache automatically gets flushed so changes are directly visible.
  • Fix for resizing of full width button
  • Small U/I improvements


  • Fix for W3 Total Cache lazy-loading breaking the button styling
    W3 Total Cache lazy-loading replaced the inline background attribute and reduced it to just a background image attribute; dropping all other styling include size and button color. This fix breaks the CSS background attribute tag into the individual background attributes (image, position, color, etc.) so W3 Total Cache can safely replace just the image.


  • Updated the phone image in the call button
  • Sunsetted the original (classic) corner button
  • Added Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Signal buttons (Premium)
  • New icons for link (calendar) and anchor (up arrow) buttons (Premium)
  • Anchor button now has smooth scroll (Premium)
  • Location button now has directions (Premium)
  • WhatsApp modal - multiple speech bubbles, animated conversations and notification count) (Premium)


  • Bugfixes


  • Bugfixes


  • Fix for storing profile info


  • Full code refactor
  • Conditions now in WordPress table (Premium)
  • Warning notification when debug mode is active (Premium)
  • Added upgrade success page
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Performance improvements


  • WhatsApp chat modal (Premium)
  • Multiple buttons on a single page (Premium)
  • Icon selection (Premium)
  • Drag and drop action sorting (Premium)
  • Time selector in the preview (Premium)
  • Button animations (Premium)
  • Set link target (Premium)
  • Display setting shown in button overview (Premium)


  • Bugfix for Localization


  • Adding SMS support to Premium
  • More intuitive scheduler in Premium
  • Better timezone checks
  • Other small fixes and improvements


  • Preview improvements
  • Back link when editing actions
  • Some bug, style and copy fixes


  • Live button preview in Premium
  • Easy activation of Premium via email
  • Tab switching while editing
  • Bugfix for timezones in scheduler
  • Update notice stays visible till closed


  • Fixes a plugin upgrade bug


  • Fixes a domain name bug which caused a very sticky warning notice during the upgrade process


  • Fix upgrade flow


  • Introducing Premium
  • UI improvements


  • Button enablement is back in the creation view
  • Small UI improvements
  • Backend improvements


  • Added notice bar for live buttons without a phone number entered


  • Fixed an upgrade regression (caused by the previous bugfix) which forced the position to become a boolean in certain scenarios


  • Fixed an upgrade regression which forced the position to be FULL in certain scenarios
  • Removed HTML element that could overlay the label for certain buttons


  • UI improvements


  • Critical fix


  • Button styling adjustments
  • Security improvements (input sanitization, output escaping)


  • Tabbed admin interface
  • Google Ads conversion tracking
  • Text bubbles for standard circular buttons
  • 6 additional button placements
  • Hide button on the front page
  • Change the color of the icon
  • Small design changes
  • Other small plugin improvements


  • Validation fixes
  • Zoom controls icon size in Full Width buttons


  • Small JS fix


  • Bug fix for function causing 500 error on some versions of PHP
  • Added feature to increase or decrease the button size
  • Added feature to change the z-index of the button with a slider


  • Check for active caching plugin
  • Added links from plugins page to settings page


  • Option to hide icon in text button
  • Fix for gtag tracking code
  • JS fix
  • Fix for iOS border bug


  • Small bug fix


  • Added the option to add text to your button
  • Added option to either include or exclude certain posts and pages to show the button on (this used to be just exclude)
  • Some small design changes to the button


  • Fix for conflict with certain 3rd party plugins


  • New circular button design
  • Option to revert to the old button design
  • Classic button design still available through advanced settings
  • Added middle button position
  • Added admin notices for clarity
  • Added link to Google Analytics integration manual
  • More contact links to support and feature requests
  • Some small design tweaks to admin screen


  • Click tracking added for Universal Analytics
  • Phone icon now SVG so super crisp on high pixel density screens (e.g. Retina screens)
  • SVG icon embedded in code so no more http requests


  • Transparent button fix
  • Small debug fixes


  • JavaScript fix (needed for Advanced Settings)


  • Change the color of the button
  • Change the appearance of the button
  • Track button clicks via Google Analytics
  • Limit the appearance to specific pages


  • First time launch

Give your website the only button it needs!

And get ready to triple* your inbound business!
*C. Mansfield from Manco Media (UK) reported his phone calls/messages trippled after installing it.