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Boost your business' inbound leads by making it easier for them to call you. Use the click-to-call link generator to create an HTML link you can copy and paste anywhere on your website. Also add them to your email campaigns so people can directly connect with you after reading your content. The benefits are endless. Create your personal phone link below or signup for a NowButtons account for added flexibility and ease of use.

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If you're looking for an efficient way to drive phone calls to your business, using a click-to-call link generator is a smart move. A click-to-call link generator is a tool that generates a clickable link for your website or email that, when clicked, initiates a phone call to your business phone number. By adding click-to-call links to your website or email campaigns, you can make it easier for customers to contact you directly and increase your chances of converting leads into sales.

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*C. Mansfield from Manco Media (UK) reported his phone calls/messages trippled after installing it.