Creating a new button

To start a new button, click the circular button with the '+'-sign.

Click the +button to start a new Call Now Button.
Start your new button by clicking the '+' button at the bottom.

A new button has a few requirements:

Required information for making a new button with the Call Now Button.
Required information for making a new button.


A button name is a label to remind you of the button's purpose. On the main screen you'll see an overview of all your buttons with their names. So a clear name will help you to easily retrieve your button you're looking for.


By default the Single button is selected here. This is the default circular Call Now Button.

Upgraded domains (Pro and Pro+) have two additional options: The Multibutton and the Button bar. The Multibutton is a single circular button with 3 vertical dots that unfolds into multiple buttons after a tap. The Button bar places one or more buttons across the bottom of the screen. 


The default Action is the Phone button. Domains on the Free and Pro plans only have this option available. Pro+ domains can pick any of the following actins:

  1. Phone
  2. Email
  3. Location (address)
  4. WhatsApp
  5. URL
  6. Anchor (link to a specific point on the page)

Action value

The action value is what you want the button to do.

  1. A phone button and a WhatsApp button need a phone number
  2. An email button needs and email address
  3. A location button needs an address
  4. A URL button needs a website address (incl. http)
  5. An anchor link needs an anchor

Optional fields

There a number of additional button settings that are not required but these give your more control.

Optional information for enhancing your Call Now Button.
Optional information for enhancing your button.


The label is a descriptor or call to action that's shown to your visitors. By default your buttons will just have an icon that visualises the button's action. The label will add a label or tag to the button. (Single buttons and Multibuttons will have the label placed next to them; buttons in the button bar will have them added to the button itself.

Presentation Settings

This section allows you to control the colors and the positioning of the button on your pages. Options here are:

  1. Button color
  2. Icon color
  3. Positioning

Scheduling Settings

By default your button is shown constantly. The Scheduling settings allow you to set the days of the week and the times that the button should be visible.

Limit Appearance

Here you set the pages where your button should be shown. There's a couple of different ways to set the page where the button should or should not be displayed. Or a combination of rules.

You can create include and/or exclude rules with one or more of the following options:

  1. Page path is ...
  2. Page URL is ...
  3. Page URL contains ...
  4. Page URL matches RegEx ...

Storing the button

Once you're happy with the settings click Save to store the button.