Click tracking with Google Tag Manager

Keep reading if you’ve implemented Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager. This article describes step by step how to set up Event Tracking with Google Tag Manager to reveal in Google Analytics how many people click the Call Now button on your website.

Sign into your Google Tag Manager account and let’s get started!

Step 1: Enable Click tracking in GTM

Before you set up the actual event you need to enable the build-in variable for tracking clicks on an element with an ID.

Click on Variables in the menu on the left side of the screen:

Google Tag Manager - Variables in the side menu

Click Configure:

Tag Manager - Configure Built-in Variables

Scroll down to the Clicks section and select Click ID:

Google Tag Manager - Enable Click ID variable

Step 1 done! Close the window by clicking the X at the top.

Step 2: Creating the Trigger in GTM

Now click on Triggers in the left side menu:

GTM - Creating a Trigger

Click New:

Google Tag Manager - Creating Triggers

Give your new Trigger a name: Call Now Button clicks and click the pencil (appears when you hover over the box) in the top right corner:

Google Tag Manager - New Triggers

Under Choose trigger type select Just links:

Google Tag Manager - Clicks Just Links

Under This trigger fires on select Some link clicks. Then from the pull-down menu select the variable you’ve just enabled: Click ID, change the second pull-down to equals and in the empty field you enter callnowbutton:

Google Tag Manager: trigger settings

Click Save to store your new Trigger. Step 2: DONE!

Step 3: Creating the Tag in GTM

Click on Tags in the left side menu:

The Tags setting is located in the left side menu of Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Click New:

Google Tag Manager - Creating Tags in GTM

Give your new Tag a name: Call Now Button click tracking and click the pencil (appears when you hover over the box) in the top right corner:

Google Tag Manager - New Triggers

At the top of the Choose tag type list that appears, select Google Analytics.

Then select Track type: Event and enter the following information:

Category: Contact

Action: Phone call

Label: Call Now Button

Non-Interaction Hit: True

You can leave the value field empty unless you wish to add a certain value to a phone call.

Under Google Analytics settings select your Google Analytics account (should be in the list if you have implemented Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager).

The whole window should look like this:

Google Tag Manager: GA Event Tracking settings

Now in the window below called Triggering click the pencil:

Google Tag Manager - triggering the tag

In the Choose a trigger window select the Trigger you created in step 2 called Call Now Button clicks.

Click Save and you’re all set.


From now you should see the clicks on the Call Now Button appear in your Google Analytics account under Behavior > Events > Overview:

Google Analytics - Finding your events

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