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WordPress plugin for the Call Now Button Are you on WordPress? Get your Call Now Button plugin here!


Examples and features of the Call Now Button WordPress plugin v. 0.1.0

Welcome to the home of the Call Now Button. Below you’ll find all the comments that I’ve received for the first version of the plugin. On July 13 2013 I released the plugin’s first update. No fixes (it just worked) only extras! Check out the latest version here.

Do you have questions, comments or feedback? Click here.


  1. Marc says:

    I would like to use this for a new site that I am building but want to have a different number for each post. Each post is by a different author and I can make a custom field (preferred) that has the number for that post. Is this possible.
    Eagerly await your reply.

    • jgrietveld says:

      Hey Marc,

      I like the idea! I might add it as a feature in a next release. Currently this is not unfortunately.


  2. Hi,

    this is the best call button I’ve found, after spending hours looking through other plugins! The functionality is simple and straightforward, just what I was looking for.

    I wasn’t crazy about the size of the call button, however, so I picked a glyphicon and made a few modifications to the CSS to fit the overall look and feel of my site.

    background: url(‘’) no-repeat center center;
    border-top: 0 none;

    Let me know what you think!


    • jgrietveld says:

      Hey Nathan,

      Great to hear that you like my plugin! Thanks for that! I had a look at your website and you way of implementing the Call Now Button and I see why you changed the looks of it so it better matches the site’s overall style. Generally with CTAs (Call to action buttons) you want to have a certain contrast between the button and the rest of the page – that doesn’t mean that it should be a complete clash with the rest of your design of course! It would be interesting to see the difference in the effectiveness of your button compared to the standard Call Now Button. I’m currently working on a way to track the clicks you get on the button. If that is implemented you could use a service like Google’s website optimizer to do an A/B test and see which is most effective.

      As soon as the update becomes available you will get a notification in WordPress. If you’re interested in running that test it would be great if you could share those results on this site!

      Either case I hope you get loads of calls because of this!

      All the best!

  3. Nathan says:

    Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Fawn Potes says:

    Very nice idea!

  5. Hi, sounds like a great widget so I downloaded and activated it, but the button doesn’t show up on my site when using mobile- any thoughts?

    • jgrietveld says:

      Hi Aamer,

      Thanks for using the Call now button! I’ve checked your website and I do see it appear. It will only be visible on a small mobile screen.


  6. alix says:

    I’ve been looking forever for a decent call me widget to replace the flash widget that ios won’t load. This is nice. and simple. and thanks! Just one question: Like Nate above, I need to make a simple mod: either resize it smaller to fit the style of the site, or just post it on the contact me page. Es posible, senor? Gracias!

    • jgrietveld says:

      Hi Alix,

      Thanks for your compliments and your feedback! I’m currently working (in my spare time) on an update that allows you to modify the button (size, color, etc). I also like your suggestion of showing it only on certain pages. If I remember I’ll let you know when the update is there!

      Adios amigo

  7. Justin says:

    the plugin for wordpress is not working. anything going on? or do i need to do anything else to get it to work? thanks.

    • jgrietveld says:

      Hi Justin,

      You will only see it on small screen devices like an iphone. If you’re using WordPress you have to enable the plugin first in the settings.


  8. Martin says:

    Good call to action button for mobile sites thank you.

  9. Mike says:

    Great plugin, really works well. I’m wondering if it is possible to move the click to call icon from the right hand side to the left side of the mobile site. Perhaps a future improvement?

  10. I installed your app but I don’t see the button using my iphone. Help! Azalea

  11. pat says:

    I like the plugin, very good for local businesses. I do work with a lot of one man operations and the one thing that I see is missing is a “click to text” button. Maybe put it on the opposite side of the screen. I have a lot of them getting texts instead of calls once I started putting “Call or Text xxx-xxx-xxxx” I think that adding a click to text will help the small guy that has a mobile number as their business number.

  12. Justin Bailey says:

    Hi, Thank you so much for the plugin it is such a useful and well made thing but I would like to change the green colour to a light blue if possible. How could I achieve this please? I looked at the plugin files to see if a png could be edited but that is only a handset image with transparent background so I am guessing I need to edit the code but where?

    • jgrietveld says:

      Hey Justin,

      Thanks for your suggestion. The ability to change the color of the button will be added to the plugin in the next version!

      Cheers Jerry

  13. Alex says:

    How would I go about changing the color of the button? It currently doesn’t match the color scheme of our website.

    • jgrietveld says:

      Hi Alex, the next version will have the ability to change the color of the button! Thanks for your feedback!
      Cheers Jerry

  14. Tom says:

    Thrilled to have stumbled upon your plugin after client says “I want a ‘click to call’ button. And I go “err…what?” ;^) Do you develop any other plugins?

  15. Alex says:

    When will you be releasing the next version? Is there any special code that I can maybe add in order to give it a different colour?

    • Hi Alex, the update will come as soon as I have some time on my hands to work on this. For the mean time, if you wish to change the color yourself, you can do this in the file called ‘call-now-button.php’ inside ‘/wp-content/plugins/call-now-button/’. If you open that file and go to line 67, find the following text: #090. This is where the green color of the button is set. You can change this to any color code you want. If you also like to change the border color, look for #0C0 in the same line and change that as well. Good luck!

  16. Zena says:

    Hi Jerry,

    Will you take a look at my site and let me know if the call button is working? The owner, Don, likes the call button showing on all of the pages.


    • Hi Zena,

      Your site has to be mobile friendly for the Call Now Button to work. This is not the case for your site so unfortunately this button will not work for you…


      • Zena says:

        Hi Jerry,

        Can you take look at this mobile site to see if the button works for you?


          • Zena says:

            Hi Jerry,

            Thanks for looking. I now am using Weaver II and two people with iPhones get error loading message when trying to use the Call Button. Is this a cashing issue with their phones? Do you have an iPhone you can test with?


          • Hi Zena,

            The plugin does not contain any javascript or any other scripts – it’s plain html and css so there’s no way that the plugin can cause an error on your iphone. If it does – it either means there’s a conflict with another plugin you’re using or you mistyped the number and your iphone doesn’t understand it…

  17. Zena says:


    I had that incorrect web site. Thanks for seeing if the call button is working.


  18. Madalina says:

    It would be good also to have some sort of analytic stats. To be able to measure how many people have press the button.

    • Hi Madalina,

      I’m currently finishing an update for the WordPress version which includes Event Tracking via Google Analytics. So if you’re using Google Analytics for your site you should be happy with the upcoming changes!


  19. Peter says:

    Hi Jerry! I have installed, but can`t se the button on our page?

  20. Ryan says:

    I just installed it on a clients site, they are using a drag and drop theme so I was sckeptical that this plugin would work, but you are a genius and therefore it works 🙂

  21. sgperry says:

    hey Jerry,

    this plugin is great but I can’t get it to display on my client’s website. (A site built in wordpress v3.5.1)

    any chance you can look at it and see whether you can see it or not??

    cheers sg

    • Hi sg,

      You’ll need a mobile optimized website in order for the the plugin to appear on mobile phones. In more technical terms, in needs to be responsive so that the layout adapts to the size of a screen. When you look at your website on a mobile phone it will appear zoomed out. That means your site will stay in its original (desktop) form but just appear smaller.

      If you switch to a responsive theme it will work for sure.


  22. sgperry says:

    hi Jerry,

    does your plugin work on mobile phones other than iphones?? Just wondering if that’s why I can’t see it – I’m using a Samsung S2, with android.

    cheers sg

  23. adrian says:

    installed call now and the button doesn’t show up. The site redirects to mobile but call button doesn’t show.

    • Hi Adrian,
      The site needs to be responsive for the call now button to work. Your website is not responsive but it redirects traffic that looks at your website on a mobile to duda which is a completely different site. You should either see if you can add the button code to duda or make your full website responsive.


  24. Les says:

    I seem to have ads with the button. Some quite distracting. Is there any way to remove the ads. Thanks.

  25. Donny says:

    Thank you for making this plugin!
    Based on what I’ve read about your planned update, it will be best click-to-call plugin out there, can’t wait!

  26. Joel says:


    Are you still moderating comments for this site?? I posted a question on April 18th and you still have not responded? Is this plug in something your not updating anymore?

    Please advice asap….

    Thank You,


    • Hi Joel,

      Thanks for your message and glad you like my plugin. As you might have noticed, I didn’t charge you anything for using this plugin. You can just download and install the plugin for free and you’re ready to start collecting leads. Isn’t that great?

      I therefore wonder why you think you should approach me with multiple question marks and questions like “I posted a question on April 18th and you still have not responded” and “Please advice asap”.

      Isn’t it great we now live in a world where so many great things are offered completely free of charge, yet so much work went into the development of all this. The Call Now Button is the result of years of studying, trying and failing many times until it start making sense.

      I have a normal job during the day and in my spare time I’m working on projects like the Call Now Button. I will work on it when I have the time and I will add the features that I think would benefit most people. Give it time and you might see an update appear that includes features that suit your needs. But please forgive me when I don’t send you a personal email to inform you about these changes.

      In case you wondered, since the start of this plugin in december of last year the WordPress plugin has been downloaded 2.5k times and 380 times was the code taken from this website. One person clicked the donate button but didn’t complete the transaction. Which is fine, but when I receive comments like yours I am getting that tiny step closer of throwing in the towel and taking this thing offline.

      I welcome all feedback and I do like compliments but I am seriously allergic to comments like yours. But if you prefer to keep using that tone I recommend you donate anything over $1000 and that allergy will cure in a second.


  27. Debora says:

    Hello Jerry and Thank You for this amazing plugin!
    I want to make the button just 10px smaller on height and width because it is blocking some text on the site. I can’t find the CSS! I have looked at the plugin editor and there is only a php. and and I have looked on my theme’s CSS….I’m not having any luck. I’m using Firebug, but I can’t seem to locate where the css is on my installation. Can you please point me in the right direction?

  28. encinomann says:

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!
    i installed the button as a plugin to my wordpress site…worked great. except i entered the wrong number. So i went into the back end and edited the #. the old number still appears on mobile even though i changed it. Then i tried removing the plugin completely. the button will not come off my site and is still connecting to the wrong phone #.
    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Enda says:

    nice plugin. I’ve just installed it in my responsive “academy” theme. However, when I checked it on my android 2.2.2 phone the button would not stay fixed in the bottom right corner. Has anyone else had this problem?? Is there a quick fix you can suggest??
    Thanks again…

    • Hi Enda,

      That’s a problem with earlier versions of Android unfortunately. The button then scrolls with the page, and after scrolling it pops back in the corner right?

      Currently there’s no fix for that. I might dig a bit into fixing this via Javascript.


      • Enda says:

        Hi Jerry,
        Thanks for your reply. That’s the problem I’m having alright. No worries, guess its time I got a new phone!

  30. Mariken says:

    Hey Jerry,
    The Call button is just what I was looking for. Thanks!
    I thought I knew the name. Now I know: from the Simple Event Calendar. 🙂

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